Platformer accepts advertising to run in its free weekly edition, which now goes out to more than 160,000 subscribers. The aim of these ads is to diversify our revenue, enable our growth, and share products and services of potential interest to our readers. Our policies for accepting ads are below; if you have any questions or concerns please email me at [email protected].

General Guidelines

  1. Eligibility: We don’t accept ads from companies we cover. By “cover” we mean companies that we have written at least one column about since Platformer launched in 2020. The list of companies from which we would not accept advertising includes, but is not limited to: Meta, Google, YouTube, Apple, Amazon, TikTok, Snap, OpenAI, and X (lol).
  2. Editorial independence. Advertisers do not have any editorial control over content in Platformer. We don’t tell them what we are writing about, nor do they review any of our editorial work in advance of publication.
  3. Content standards: We’re seeking ads for stuff our readers might actually like, and won’t mislead or otherwise harm them. We aren’t accepting ads for guns, drugs, gambling, porn, or cryptocurrency projects. Ads must not include content that is discriminatory, false, or misleading. We are generally snobby about ads and won’t run anything that doesn’t feel good to us.
  4. Approval process: All ads are subject to review and approval by Casey and Zoe. We reserve the right to reject or remove any ad that does not comply with our policies or that we deem inappropriate.
  5. Format: Ads run after the column and are marked “sponsored” to clearly distinguish them from editorial content. They include a single static image and are limited to 150 words or less.
  6. Data privacy: We provide advertisers a high-level overview of the size and character of Platformer’s audience, the newsletter open rate, and click-through rates on ads. We do not share any individual reader data.
  7. Pricing: Rates for advertising are provided upon request. If you’re interested in sponsoring a newsletter, email [email protected] and use the subject line “sponsorship.”


Platformer’s ad policy is subject to change over time as we learn. We’ll flag important updates both here and in the newsletter.

Last updated: April 31, 2024. (Removed reference to Substack’s content policy.)